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J2141KA Series - Karina

J2141KA Series - Karina

MATERIAL ------ Stainless Steel
FINISHING ----- Mirror

Art No. --- Description
J2141KA-TK --- Table Knife
J2141KA-TF --- Table Fork
J2141KA-TS --- Table Spoon
J2141KA-DK --- Dessert Knife
J2141KA-DF --- Dessert Fork
J2141KA-DS --- Dessert Spoon
J2141KA-SS --- Soup Spoon
J2141KA-ITS -- Ice Tea Spoon
J2141KA-ET --- Tea Spoon
J2141KA-CS --- Coffee Spoon
J2141KA-CF --- Cake Fork
J2141KA-SK --- Steak Knife
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    Our cutlery is designed to be durable for years of use, certain food stuffs can cause staining and slight pitting; This can be avoided by washing the products straight after use. It is recommended all products are hand washed, but in the event of dishwashing, please follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

    - Wash in warm soapy water
    - Do not leave cutlery soak in water
    - Dry Thoroughly
    - In the event of dishwashing, never mix silver items with stainless steel cutlery
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